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The Atheist Podcast is a place that highlights the actual work that is going on in the movement. It supports the fight for church/state separation, builds communities for other Atheists/Skeptics/Humanists, sharpens minds with a regular appearance from Matt Dillahunty and finds ways to make this world better than we found it.

Join me as we meet amazing people, learn how to challenge ourselves to be better at what we do, and find out how to get active! As I am able to grow, I’ll be able to put more into the show. Let’s get weekly, then get onto YouTube!

Eric Murphy is the host for Talk Heathen (along with co-host Vi La Bianca) and was previously the full-time Director of Communications for the Atheist Community of Austin. He now has his own podcast, his own Youtube channel, his own Twitch channel and is working on writing The Book of Eric. After having watched The Atheist Experience for 8 years, when he moved from California to Austin in 2015, he immediately starting volunteering for the ACA. Since first stepping foot into the Freethought Library, he has helped to shape the ACA and the Atheist movement through social media and activism. Eric is doing his part to help promote a positive atheist culture and build a much-needed community. In his spare time he enjoys talking with both theists and atheists, continued education in philosophy and religion, and has never turned down a gin from a fan.